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We have built our business on the philosophy of making it EASY on the customer. You need more than diskettes when you buy high performance software, You need a simple, logical suite of tools backed by an established vendor who can service and support you.

Rest assured that your investment will be well protected. Over 25,000 users have created high quality manufacturable PCB’s in all fields of endeavor. Current “EE Designer” users will be able to migrate into our newest set of design tools – “CADint PCB” with a click of the mouse button.

We were among the first to offer low cost SMT, fine line, and flex circuit support. Our latest CADint PCB software has rich functionality married with simple clarity highlighted in the graphical interface. As a result, we remain committed to maintaining our leadership in the Price to Performance arena.

CADint is a leading worldwide supplier of CAD/CAE Software. With offices in The US (Phoenix) and Europe (Sweden) we are well poised to offer quality support throughout the world.

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Headquartered in the land of the sun, Phoenix, AZ, CADint is focused on meeting the evolving needs of the electronic design market by providing high-quality, innovative software solutions at. Our vision is to provide integrated, affordable solutions that support you from product concept through to product shipment, in one efficient, easy-to-learn and use environment. CADint’s technical expertise and ability to respond quickly to the market has enabled us to become one of the leading CAD/CAE software programs. We started in the 80’s by designers for designers. Our team has been working together closely since the genesis since our EE Designer days.

We are expert at reading and interfacing with other systems and out tight integration between schematic capture and PCB design. We also offer in-depth training at your headquarters or ours, but can get you up and running in no time with a simple phone call. We challenge you to find an easier more affordable solution that does all we do.

If you need a PCB design package that will back you up but not hold you back… CADint delivers workstation performance with the economy of a PC. The logical menus are integrated throughout all functions so they are easy to learn and quick to maneuver. The strong backup of training and support definitely shortens the learning curve enabling you to get the most from your software.

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